History of Supper Clubs


Supper clubs became popular destination spots in the 1930’s-40’s. Often located in rural areas or the outskirts of town, people would dress up and spend entire evenings drinking and socializing with the community and families who attended.


Usually family run, most supper clubs would serve prime-rib, steaks, chicken, and other “American” foods, as well as regional delicacies. Friday night fish fries were common and heavily attended.


Those who went to supper clubs were interested in more than just dinner; they wanted an experience.


For many people, the night would start with an Old Fashioned or a brandy drink, followed by a relish tray and salad. After dinner was served, having another cocktail (or two…) was standard etiquette. Patrons would play card games and dance until the wee hours.


Once numbering in the thousands, supper clubs have dwindled down. What hasn’t changed is the quality and pride that supper club owners have. Creating excellent food and an inviting ambiance that build loyal patrons is something that all good supper clubs strive to accomplish.


Come visit the Jordan Supper Club for a unique experience reminiscent of mid-century America.